Flint Builders

Because the right team, can make all the difference…

“I wanted to make sure that I surrounded myself with the right people and that we were setting up a company to be a top construction company in the industry. I am extremely grateful for BFBA’s steadfast support and sage advice. I highly value the great relationship that we have developed with BFBA through this process.” – John Stump

For more than 100 years, the Flints have built an unequaled, national reputation for quality and innovation in construction. In 1995, the Flints traveled to California to build a project for an existing client moving to the Sacramento region. After completing several projects and building lasting relationships, Flint continues to design and build projects across the western region, perfecting a Design-Build delivery method that is surpassed by none.

In 2013, as part of a retirement strategy, the Flint family transferred control of the Pacific Division to John Stump, establishing Flint Builders, Inc. Ownership is shared with Kevin Mosher, Jared Wright, Robert Downey and Cathy Robb. Collectively these individuals, along with the help of Flint’s outstanding employees, have grown the West Coast operation to what it is today and conduct business with the values and ethics that continue to stand as the Hallmark of the Flint name.