Audit and assurance services relating to historical financial data have long been viewed as the backbone of the CPA’s profession. Financial statement users are constantly demanding greater reliability of financial statements. At BFBA, we recognize that successfully performing an audit is much more than issuing an opinion on your financial statements. While transparent, well-presented financial statements are necessity to succeed in today’s business environment, we understand that a successful audit must be tailored each client’s specific system of internal controls and accounting processes and procedures.

We provide traditional assurances services, including
  • Financial and compliance audits
  • Financial statements compilations and reviews
  • Internal control evaluations

BFBA offers a variety of services that go beyond the numbers. We help you assess and ensure the quality of information you use to make critical decisions, formulate solutions to your business problems, and evaluate your company’s financial performance. We focus on understanding the unique needs of our clients and subtle nuances of their industry so we can provide Business Foresight Beyond Accounting™.