Beyond Accounting

How do we define “Beyond Accounting”?

Internal Controls | Tax Planning | Forecasting | Succession Planning | Business Acumen

Our team at BFBA is exceptional at your typical tax and financial statement needs. However, what sets us apart are our service’s that reach beyond traditional accounting;

Internal Controls – The statistics about fraud in small to medium-sized businesses are staggering. At BFBA, we assist clients in establishing a sound system of internal controls to not only allow you to sleep better at night, but also a tool to provide you with improved business processes and profitability.

Tax Planning – Tax planning is in the forefront of who we are as a firm. Whether you are planning a strategic acquisition, or simply looking toward year-end, we would love to be a shoulder to lean on.

Forecasting – Often times your creditors will request income statement or cash flow projections. Allow us to assist in developing a model that not only works for the creditors, but also serves as a financial map for your company’s future.

Succession Planning – Whether you are a 30 or 65, an exit strategy is something that should be important to you. At BFBA, we can help tailor succession plans that fit your circumstances. Each company is different, but companies with a good succession plan operate better today.

Business Acumen – Utilize our team of highly skilled business professionals with years of experience who have made it a commitment to look beyond the numbers.