Our approach is simple: create an environment where our people are provided the opportunity to reach their full potential. We have found that the rest takes care of itself.

Our Culture + Region

At BFBA, LLP we are passionate about helping our people to achieve their potential and enjoy a rewarding work experience. We believe that when our people achieve their best, so do our clients. That’s why BFBA has created a work environment that is attractive and rewarding to staff at all levels—from entry-level to senior manager.

Part of that is being headquartered in a place that offers a wealth of opportunity beyond the office. Since 1983, our home has been California’s state capital, Sacramento. Known as the City of Trees, Sacramento is an emerging urban area with a vibrant dining and entertainment scene, access to popular Northern Californian destinations, and a cost of living that’s half the rate of the Bay Area.

With access to 1.5 million acres of farms growing more than 120 types of crops, Sacramento is the nation’s Farm-to-Fork (Farm-to-Table) capital and home to an array of fantastic restaurants offering an unrivaled level of fresh cuisine. The Sacramento area is also host to over 40 craft breweries and is centrally located to more than eight wine regions, including Amador County, Lodi, and Napa Valley.

Sacramento’s prime location and international airport also means you’re less than 2 hours away from the slopes of Lake Tahoe, a night out in San Francisco or a day on the sunny beaches of SoCal. However, between the city’s burgeoning downtown area—which just welcomed a new home for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings—historic sites dating back to Sacramento’s pioneering roots, and a friendly, welcoming community, you’ll find plenty of reason to stay in town.

Experience Our Company Culture

Campus Recruiting

BFBA’s commitment to providing unparalleled service to our clients drives our campus recruiting team to attract top talent to our firm right out of college.

Partners and staff from every level are actively involved in giving back to the accounting profession at Beta Alpha Psi, Accounting Society, and other student organization events. Mentoring accounting students while they are still in school then translates into the internal mentorship, career coaching, and training that BFBA provides to our first year staff.

Please see below for the upcoming semester’s recruiting events, which will be attended by BFBA staff.

Recruitment + Opportunities

At BFBA, we understand something loud and clear: we are in the people business. 

We understand that we are no greater than our people. Plain and simply put, that starts with you. If you are looking for an unmatched culture, where being challenged and career enjoyment are intertwined, where mentorship and teaching are a focal point of our practice, and where you will genuinely enjoy who you work with, look no further.  

BFBA offers superior benefits, excellent opportunities for advancement, and an environment that challenges our people to grow and develop in the profession, with the opportunity to work alongside some of the best accounting professionals in the area for some of the most exciting clients in the region. 

If you want to be a part of something that you can not only help build, but also be be proud of, get in touch with us today.

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