The Internship

So what does an auditing intern do?
I knew from that interview that I wanted to work for BFBA. The culture in the office is better than anyone can imagine.
By Peri Ceasri, Nov 13, 2023

As we grow and enter college the idea of an internship is always at the back of our minds. I remember my advisor telling me “It’s not needed but it’s wanted.” So, when you hear that you start to freak out thinking, I need to get an internship as soon as possible. So then the stress begins, where to look, who to interview, etc. It’s all about finding the right fit. As for me, I felt like BFBA was the best choice for me, and I am here to tell you why you should choose BFBA as an internship. My name is Peri Ceasri and I was hired as an Assurance Associate Intern for the summer. I’ve spent the last three months interning and getting a glimpse into what life would be like as part of the team. From being thrown into reviews and 401k Audits since I stepped foot into the building, it’s fair to say that this time has been fast-paced but enjoyable. So, I have looked back on my experience to reflect and hopefully give some perspective to future interns on what this role can look like.

So what does the application process look like? It differs for each person but the majority of interns are found through campus recruiting. However, don’t let this deter you from applying in a different way. I myself had reached out to the company since their campus recruiting does reach schools in Pennsylvania. After I had gotten in touch with the firm I was given the opportunity to have an interview. I personally only had one interview with a Partner from the audit department as well as a senior from the tax department. Now, BFBA interviews are not like others. The partner, and senior that interviewed me took the time to get to know me and describe the company rather than asking typical interview questions that have surface-level answers. From there I was hired, given the choice between tax and audit, and given a start date.

So what does an auditing intern do? For my first week and a half, I was “sitting on the bench” learning the ins and outs of the software as well as the information that is needed within the reviews and 401k audits. This allowed me to meet new people and learn the different ways of tackling each engagement. After that, I was assigned my first review. This entails using client-provided information to draft the financial statements that the companies use for personal and commercial work. Not only have I been able to create financial statements, but I have also learned how to interact with clients and start to build relationships with them. 401k audits are different in the aspect of you’re not creating financial statements but the same sort of schooling applications and relationship building is tied to these as well. 401k audits also allow for the ability to meet one on one with clients to discuss questions and the audits themselves. By allowing me to participate in these types of assignments I was able to gather a good understanding of what the accountants within the firm do on a day-to-day basis. Here at BFBA, the interns are held to a high expectation to learn. They expect interns to ask questions, be confused, and challenge them to apply what they have already learned through school and get a higher level of understanding of accounting.

Now the moment of truth, what is the culture like at BFBA? When trying to choose a place of hiring many people consider the culture to be one of the top things they look for, myself included. Before I got hired the thing that stuck out the most was the interview. It was an inviting sort of atmosphere and as I stated before it felt as though they wanted to get to know me for me. I knew from that interview that I wanted to work for BFBA. The culture in the office is better than anyone can imagine. You would think that being an intern you would do the coffee runs, get people lunch, etc. but that isn’t the case. I am seen as an equal. BFBA does everything in its power to make sure I feel welcomed and have the ability to learn. What sticks out the most is how willing anybody in the office is to help not only the interns but each other. BFBA also takes the time to appreciate its employees by having firm-held events that allow for everyone to bond and get to know each other. It allows for the firm to create a family-oriented atmosphere which is important to many. I am very grateful for the opportunity that BFBA has given me to continue my education and career as an intern. I may be biased, but BFBA whether an intern or full-time, is the way to go.