BFBA earns a spot in the “Top 50 Construction Accounting Firms” for the 3rd year in a row

The #1 rated local Construction Accounting Firm based in CA!
"We want our construction clients to know that construction is who we are."
By Jennifer Stephens, Aug 17, 2021

BFBA is honored for the 3rd consecutive year in a row to be recognized in the  Construction Executive Magazine as one of the The Top 50 Construction Accounting Firms™ and still the #1 rated firm based in California!

“We want our construction clients to know that construction is who we are.  For many of us at BFBA that focus on the construction industry, it’s 100% of what we do,” said Noli Snobar, BFBA Partner.  “To be recognized by a major publication in an industry that we specialize in is always special.  We feel like we are a part of the construction community and winning this award is further validation.”

As the region’s leading local firm, rest assured that all decisions are made locally. This translates into faster delivery and response to all of your needs, coupled with a direct personalized approach to service where all decisions are made locally by your engagement partners.

Our approach is simple. Create an environment where our people are provided the opportunity to reach their full potential. We have found that the rest takes care of itself. Our people and collaborative approach are what takes us beyond.

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