CPA Mentorship and Development

Transitioning from student to first-year staff is quite an interesting journey.
There are many new experiences, and the help and encouragement from someone you trust is invaluable.
By Shazleen Khan, Jan 8, 2019

For me, I joined BFBA immediately after graduating from CSUS. I was assigned a Buddy and a Mentor, but I wasn’t too sure what that meant. I realized how thankful I was to have them when I had my first set of questions… those questions ranged from “what am I supposed to wear at an event like this” to “what do I do with this trial balance?”  As time passed, these same people also helped me figure out answers to questions that were not career-related. They showed a genuine interest in my overall development which made me feel at home. Also, it was more than just my Buddy and Mentor who invested their time with me… many partners and managers who were not “assigned” to me also extended their experience and knowledge.

What I found interesting is that this experience is not unique to me. Many of us here at BFBA have found incredible mentors and created life-long relationships as a result of the mentorship and culture here. While we have the stress and high demand for quality work, we also work in a culture where a healthy work-life balance is encouraged and fostered. I asked a few of my mentors (who also happen to be very busy partners) why they are willing to extend themselves to us when they already have enough on their plate. Across the board, they responded that they genuinely enjoy contributing to our personal and professional development, along with many other warm reasons that they are willing to spend time helping us develop.

While on your journey from student to first-year staff, I encourage you to consider the value in mentorship and firm culture, along with other criteria you may have. Also, if you come across someone who you feel connected to, approach them! Many successful people have had great mentors along the way and would consider it an honor to pay it forward. I wish you great luck this semester and always!

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